Best Town Hall 5 or TH 5 War Bases in the World- CoC Hack

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Having got at Town Hall 5, you must have just got introduced to the Clan Wars concept. The time has come you upgrade your tribe castle and join a suitable clan and start participating in clan battles. So, there is some amount of information that you will need and there will be some base layouts that you will require.

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Once you have upgraded your family castle the very first time, you get 2 new war foundation laouts that you can store in your design editor. I am providing you herein with top 10 best performing TH5 war base layouts that you can choose from and integrate into the preserved war base layouts for use in clan battles.

Basic War Information for Town Hall 5 Players

One which just proceed to start out burning the layouts included below on this page, there is some basic information and assistance that I would like to provide you. Because you will realize that once you participate in a clan war the first time, you will likely be located in the end (bottom part) in the tribe wars map. This is but natural as your base has got the least amount of total HP (total hit points) which is the primary calculation for placement in clan conflict maps.

Important Tricks for Town Hall 5 Players Taking part in Clan Wars

Something is for sure, since you will be among the weakest opponent in conflict, you will get bombarded at the earliest (mostly). And changes are that the attacker will be a higher level player. So, in order to perform well at family wars right from the start at Town Hall 5, you require to follow some of the basic tips that I discovered with experience and you may see that your performance increases dramatically. Below are some tricks for fresh TH5 players who get included in clan wars the first time:

Try to join a level 5 or higher family (if possible).
Always include a level 4 valkarie or 2 level six wizards in your group castle for best results.
Make friends with the highest level players in your clan so that it is not so difficult that you can get those higher level troops in warfare clan castle.
Ask experienced players in your group about whom you should attack and what troop combo you should use.
Go with a full army and full periods when attacking in tribe wars. Also include top level wizards or balloons in your clan fort.

Importance of War Basic Layout at TH 5

For attacking, you need best clan support troops. But for protection, you will require both high level defense troops in your clan castle and the best available designs (war base design). Specially when you are defending against level 5 or level 6 town hall opponents. It is not always true that your bottom may get 3 was seen.


Top Town Hall 5 War Base Layouts

I have seen many town hall 5 battle bases that defend well against town hall 5 and town hall 6th attackers and give away 1-2 stars only. When this happens, A higher level player from the opposite clan will need to waste his/her strike on you to get the remaining stars. This will help your clan on the whole in winning wars. 

1.  TH5 War Base 1 

There are a lot of war bases and in this war base you can see the defender has protected the Town Hall from all around to save the Town Hall 5 from Falling.




2. Town Hall 5 War Base 2

In this base the resources are aligned outside to protect town hall and defense buildings to stop enemy from getting stars in clan war.


3. TH5 War Base 3

This base is made to protect the resources. This is not an actual war base TH 5 but can stop the opponent from getting 3 stars.


4. TH5 War Base 4

This is complete guarded Town Hall 5 War Base where you can see the traps and Defending Archers on the Archer Towers. Ultimate Anti 3 star TH 5 base.

Hope you have enjoyed watching these 4 Anti 3 star Town Hall 5 War Bases. Share if you like these TH 5 Bases.


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