Make Your Enemies Fly Off with these Spring Traps

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Spring Traps CoC are concealed springs that cause instant death to the 1st set of troops that activate it. The only real setbacks that the Spring Trap has it that all troops to be sprung by its not powerful enough. It’ll instantly kill any troop from the 15-19 housing space (with respect to the Spring Traps degree) as long as that one troop is slow enough to get sprung. The Spring Trap can be run right within by high speed troops such as the Goblin CoC and be gone by time the spring pops up. Without being established to their own death, other troops under Haste Charm or Fury Charm have been known to slip on the CoC Spring Trap.


CoC Spring Trap
CoC Spring Trap

Trick to use Spring Trap CoC

Putting the Clash of Clans Spring Traps in your map may be a bit tricky. The tricky part is the fact that a lot of strikes are lead by troops which might be effected by the trick although the objective is to bounce as many troops out of your foundation as potential. Should you take into account the pathing of the CoC Golem you are able to help prevent the tanking troops from disarming your Spring Traps prior to the lighter troops arrive. Golems are defense troops that are only plus they are slow. Generally the support troops could have caught the Golem passed up after 6- 8 tiles once the Walls of the base have already been penetrated. Its here in the 2nd to 3rd layer of walls that the Spring Traps are most successful.

Advanced players will assemble their foundation with all the Spring Traps Clash of Clans in pretty high on that priority list as well as the traps at heart. Many players will intentionally leave an opening in their walls at locations that are key. Away they go!


Clash of Clans Spring Trap Levels

Clash of Clans Spring Trap CoC
Clash of Clans Spring Trap CoC

Another extremely important troop to utilize as a primary defense mechanism against is the Hog Rider. So carefully set Spring Traps CoC can get up to 3 Hogs at a time hog Riders are 5 housing space troops. Again carefully contemplating the troops pathing after they’ve leapt over that 1st wall is imperative. Hog Riders leap from defense to defense place the CoC Spring Traps either right next to your defensive turret or in the center of two defenses that are nearby.


Many Players elect to put every single Clash of Clans Spring Trap in the core of their base next to Town Hall. I’ve observed this work out nicely on occasion BUT as a personal preference I request Damage Inc. players to contemplate using the Spring Traps on the outside of the Walls.. This technique has saved our men from many 3 star assaults. We all got a laugh out of this raid.. All but 1 individual was laughing.. That has been the attacker who got the dreaded 99% all due to a few nicely put Spring Traps CoC !

Use CoC Spring Traps in Combinaton

Spring Trap CoC
Spring Trap CoC

Spring Traps n Clash of Clans really are a pretty basic trick and there is not a good deal of further consideration that must go into using them but a few closing hints.. If your Clan Fortress trigger zone is close to one specific wall try including a pair of spring traps between the two waste buildings outside the walls. Many players will begin their raids with one or a set of Hog Riders CoC jumping within the exterior walls activating your CoC troops to get a far more easy pull and kill on them. You could spring those Hogs rather which will completely throw his entire strike out of sync, by adding the 2 Spring Traps in CoC Game outside the walls CoC. Search for other advantageous places around the extremities of your foundation where a few Springs might be only what saves the day for you personally.
Eventually I like to guide our men to make use of the approach that is overpowering, particularly in your home village where everyone that attacks only gets one shot at it. When a sizable group of troops crosses the Giant Bombs over all at 1 time about 1 of 3 raids are neglects. Attempt placing them all in a single block on your base about 10×10 tiles. Watch what happens if they decide to raid using a large group of troops and also the only so happen over you directly to course of overpowering traps, big sets. There’s a small risk factor involved but the rewards will make it worth the chance!

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