Least Expensive Trap ie Clash of Clans Bombs {CoC Trap}

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Bombs are just one of the least expensive items to buy on your village. They do small amounts of damage and therefore are considered to be of almost no use by many players since they will not entirely wipe out most troops that activate them. This misconception leads the the use of the snares.

The key to success when using Bombs is straightforward, it is one word… location! When these little, imperceptible (unless they are being updated) traps are put in the correct place the will possess a favorable effect on the overall shield of your base. For example a common successful use for them is to group them together next to a Giant Blast. Together with the Giant Bomb the create damage that is enough to destroy the most lasting troops. Along with grouping the Bombs together, progress players examine assaults done on their village and also make mental notes as to where the most frequent entry points for their base is. Recognizing that many players will use Wall Breakers to achieve access into the inside of the walls, they utilize location pairs and a predictive strategy of Bombs on the outside of the walls. If done right the Wall breakers will trip the bombs and destroy themselves before they may be in a position to drop their particular Blast… we call this a Wall Breaker neglect. Wall Breaker fails are just one of the most ordinary reasons for attackers to go all in without accomplishing any of the primary aims, and come from the attack!


Clash of Clans Bombs

How to Use Clash of Clans Bomb?

Just stated use the Bombs they way they we thought which it to spend some time and carefully pick the areas in which a small amount of splash damage can disrupt their spike into the base or totally wipe out the smaller, less durable troops!


Clash of Clans Small Bomb in Action CoC


Bombs can still possess an optimistic impact on the effectiveness of a hamlet’s defense if properly put, although they are the feeblest of all of the Traps. But only if they’re constantly rearmed after activating.

This delay means that you’ll would like to place the bomb in a place where troops are likely to remain for an amount of time, like right alongside a building they’re attacking.

By itself, just one Bomb isn’t going to do a lot of damage to even the feeblest of Troops (although every bit helps). However, several Bombs in a cluster can significantly damage or even destroy an entire number of Goblins or Archers.

Fascinating Facts of Small Bomb CoC

After exploding, the Bomb leaves a black scorched mark on the floor, plus it fades away after a few seconds.

It never burns up, although the fuse on the bomb is lit always.

Glowing fuse is telling the bomb is armed. The bomb that is unarmed don’t possess the fuse in any way.


Levels of Small Bomb in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Bomb Levels CoC
Clash of Clans Bomb Levels CoC


Defensive Strategy to use CoC Bomb

One defensive strategy commonly used for the placement of Bombs is to place them along the exterior wall. The external buildings serve to delay the enemy troops until they’ve grouped up, so that when they assault the wall, the bomb hits on many troops at the same time. Though enough bombs that are grouping together can be a serious hazard for Giants, also, that is quite effective against Tier 1 troops.

Instead, some players determine to put an organization of bombs around a Defensive Building on the exterior in their foundation, to behave as a trap for enemy Giants. Placing a Spring Trap at the entrance to these stuck defense constructions makes them a lot more efficient.

As this can show its location be careful when upgrading a Blast. Fight this by relocating it during the upgrade period, since it won’t activate through that period anyway. This is advantageous against players who scout out your base ahead of time for reprisal attacks.

For instance, a group of 2-3 bombs placed between some of resource collectors is quite likely to destroy a complete number of Goblins as they pass from one collector to the following.

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