Boom Your Enemies with the Giant Bomb -CoC Hack

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Clash of Clans Giant Bombs normally abbreviated and called Big Bombs or “BB” are available at TH6. At put and Town Hall 6 players being enabled to purchase one on their foundation. From TH6 players get one added CoC Giant Bomb in each one of the Town Hall upgrades all of the way to TH10 where they’ll end up getting five total. Giant Bombs CoC are unlike every other snare in Battle because of their game altering impact they can have on a raid if they are used properly.

Giant Bombs in the Core- As players progress in TH degree it becomes more challenging to protect the center of the foundation in Clan Wars as well as in the multi-mode. One great strategy to finish an aggressive strike would be to encompass TH together with all your Big Bombs. As well as that be certain to place Mortars and Wizard Towers (at
lower TH lvls) or your Inferno Towers with at least One or them set on multi. The idea behind this really is to compel the attacking player over troops in the core of your base down to a sliver of HP and simultaneously bombard them with Mortar CoC shells and area splash damage in the CoC Wizard Towers. So you’ll need as much DPS as possible the attacking player will try to battle this using the Cure Charm. The Concept behind the multi- Inferno Tower is really to remove their capability to fix themselves as they’ve been triggering the BB all so again make sure the range of the Inferno Tower covers every one of the Giant Bombs.


How do Giant Bombs in Clash of Clans Work?

Clash of Clans Giant Bomb in Action
Clash of Clans Giant Bomb in Action

CoC Giant Bombs in Pairs– This technique is complex but very successful. Essentially when setting the Giant Bombs in your base you’ll need to consider the pathing of the Clash of Clans Hog Riders. They leap from defense to defense. Then you’ll set a pair of Giant Bomb directly in between two defenses, making sure that the Hogs don’t have any other possible course to take. To best explain this set up picture placing a Wizard Tower, directly to the proper side place 2 Giant Bombs CoC (one on the very top of the other) and then directly to the proper side of the BB will be another Defense. The important matter to keep in mind would be to place storages or collectors both under and above this defense/BB/defense trap to compel the Hog Riders ON the BB instead of heading south or north towards other nearby defenses and potentially splitting up. It is a trick set up to get right and will take some practice, trial and error (watch replays on your own base and pay very close attention to the Hog pathing and adjust the traps appropriately) Now That the October 2016 upgrade has taken the 1.5 damage away from the Hog Rider strike this trap is no longer instant death for Hogs But its still quite successful.

CoC Giant Bomb Levels

Clash of Clans Giant Bomb Levels
Clash of Clans Giant Bomb Levels


IT IS An ERROR!! You want BUT you must add something different with their set was set up by these DBB you guessed it The Bomb Tower. Without some kind of mindset towards quitting the Hog Riders they’ll Hog- their way right – Heals over your shields to get a 3 star strike!
For those who have saw as many Family War strikes as I ‘ve (which is every strike we do every war no exception) then you also might have seen just how many assaults finish with 5-6 beat up troops taking out several garbage buildings on the outside of the walls. Their charms happen to be depleted, in several instances their Heroes are gone too. Would not you love to see that strike ending with those Clash of Clans troops running with 20 seconds left just to activate a Giant Bomb and have to watch in disgust as the fearless numbers 99% hover above their assault to that last collector. That’s the worst solution to finish an assault! Never use your entire Giant Bombs outside the CoC walls in Clan Wars as the cleaning strike is going to be that much simpler for them but, one or two well location Giant Bomb CoC could possibly function as the difference between driving one other family into using another useful assault in your base only to make an effort to pick up that 1-2%.


Upgrading Giant Bomb CoC

Upgrading Giant Bomb CoC
Upgrading Giant Bomb CoC

A lot of people ask me if it’d be a good idea to buy and update the CoC Giant Bomb in the beginning of the TH upgrade when they’re updating their foundation using the .5 System. In terms of I will recall we’ve not ever had a player pass another player on the war map due to updating or the purchasing of the Giant BombClash of Clans . In fact I am an advocate of having all snares the moment you reach another TH degree. It’s a defensive structure and in the .5 system you intend to update every one of your attacking tools first but the snares really are an excellent exception to generate.

One last small side note: they’re going to not get the 100% and there is not any motive to conceal your Clash of Clans Giant Bombs off that the attacking player WOn’t have the capacity to discover it. They aren’t factored to the total % of your foundation though Giant Bombs are thought to be Defensive Buildings and do not require to be activated to get the 3 star!

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