Concept Behind Clash of Clans (COC) Builder Hut

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Clash of Clans Builder is  the most important coc character in the game. They are responsible for updating each and everything on the coc farming base. Whether it is any defensive building or clash of clan town hall, clan castle or army camp or barrack troops or walls they build and upgrade everything. Without coc builder you cannot even fight with a basic opponent.

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Different Clashers call the builders by different names and some of the taken names are clash buider, clan builder, clash of builder, coc base builder, clan of clash builder, clans of clans builder, clans builder, clash clan builder, clan of clan builder, clans of clash builder, clash of clash builder, base builder coc, coc village builder and many more. So don’t confuse with these terms.

At Start you get two builders and coc builder huts and there is so much to update. But there you do not have much coc gold or coc elixir to update everything at once. Slowly and steadily you need to update your all the buildings and defensive units.

COC Hack Clash of Clans Builder Hut Builders
Clash of Clans Builder Hut Builder Upgrading COC Elixir

Now what is takes to get  coc builder huts?

1.You get 2 builder huts in the beginning of clash of clans the game.

2. Third COC Builder is unlocked when you collect 500 COC Gems and buy it from the resource store.

3. Fourth Clash of clans builder hut cost you 1000 COC gems and this is not easy to get and you make take several months to get collect those if you play ethically. You can also buy COC gems with real money as well but you must rely on coc free gems as this is the only real way to play clash of clans.

4. 5th and the Last coc builder hut is unlocked after you pay 2000 coc gems but I must say it is most difficult to get and may take up to years to get 2000 gems. But it is fun to wait and play. Upgrading your clan castle is important to be competitive in the game.

There are  a max of 5 coc builder huts that you can build. The only amazing thing about Clash of Clans Builder is they do not need any building time or extra builder to build builder hut.

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Placement and Attack Strategy on Clash of Clans Builder Hut

COC Builder Huts are advised to be placed in the corners. It solves two purposes. One it makes the opponent difficult to get 3 stars as due to lack of time the coc troops are unable to reach in the corners and other is you save trophies & damage to your clash castle. You can learn the basics of coc from this precise coc guide on How to Play Clash of Clans online?

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