Clash of Clans Troops Guide with Ultimate COC Hacks

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Clash of Clan the game is one of the most influential online games on the web. It is a game where you develop coc strategies to attack enemy clan to get loot resources such as COC Gold and COC elixir. In Clash of the Clans there are 5 types of attacking COC Troops which you get after upgrading your clan and resources at different levels. Here you will get all about clash of clan troops hack and a precise working clash of clan troops list.

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Now here I will explain you about the 5 types of COC troops which you will use in your clash of clans clan war strategy. Here goes the clash of clan troops list:


Elixir Troops or Barracks Troops:

Barracks Troops are the basic coc troops that are available to you at the start. These are the basic elixir troops. At start you will get Barbarian and Archer which attacks from ground. Elixir troops consists of COC Barbarians, Archer COC, Giant, Goblin, Wall Breaker, Balloon, Wizard, Healer, dragon, Clash of Clans PEKKA, Baby Dragon and Miner.


Dark Barracks or Dark Elixir Troops:

 Dark Barracks Troops are very hard to train and needs dark elixir which is very hard to get. It is unlike normal elixir. Dark Barracks are available after town hall 7. You will get these attackers from dark elixir troops that are clash of clans Minion, Hog rider, valkyrie, Witch, Bowler, Lava Hound and clash of clans bowler.

Clash of Clans Heroes:

Clash of Clans Game has 3 coc heroes which are one of the best coc troops. Their attacking as well as defensive powers are ultimate. The 3 COC Heroes are Grand Warden, Barbarian King and Archer Queen.


Clash of clans Spells:

There are the coc spell factory that produces different kind of coc spells which help you to attack the enemy war base magically help you to will over the clan war opponents. There are number of spells such as Lightning Spell, Rage Spell, Healing Spell, Freeze Spell, Jump Spell and Clone Spell.


Clash of clans dark Spells:

Unlike the normal coc spells Dark Spells are very powerful and need dark elixir to update. There are number of spells which can almost destroy opponent’s attack strategy in the clash of the clans. The dark spells are as Earthquake Spell, Skeleton Spell, Haste spell and Poison Spell.

There are the Clash of Clans Troops which will help you to fight with other clans and win a lot of loot. You need to mix up these coc troops to do more and more damage to the clan opponent. If you are new to Clash of Clans then here are the amazing Clash of Clans Tips for Beginners.


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