Beginner in COC? Learn How to Play Clash of Clans!

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Clash of Clans the game is one of the most addictive and viral game ever online. It is developed by Supercell and is known to be clash of clans supercell. It has over 100 Million active users per day. Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you build your clash of clans farm bases,protect them from enemies and fight with other clans. You can play clash of clans online game for hours and hours without getting bored. Well you need to learn How to play clash of clans?

Here I am going to discuss amazing strategy and Clash of Clans Tips for Beginners.

How to Download Clash of Clans the game?

Clash of Clans is available on Android Play store as well as on Apple Store. You can go there and search clash of clans and get it download clash of clans free.


After downloading the game there are 4 main parts of Clash of Clans Tips for Beginners


 Part 1:

Setting up and Building Best Clash of Clans base


  1. Start your coc farm base

The first step is to build a solid coc farm base. At initial level you will not have much for your base. No one can attack you at first for 3 days so that you can settle and buy things from the shop to defend your town hall coc base.

  1.  Shop, defense items  to protect your coc base

You must buy defense equipments like cannons, mortars, towers to save your base from future enemy attacks.

  1. Save your town hall at first

Town hall is one of the most important building in Clash of Clans. If enemy destroys your town hall then you lose the war. So it is mandatory to safeguard the coc town hall at the earliest.

How to play clash of clans COC Town hall
COC Town Hall
  1. Use  your gold, gems and elixir thoughtfully

You should use your gold and elixir wisely to buy new resources and upgrade the defenses in your town hall coc base.

Note: Gems should not be used in any way. Save them to buy another builder hut as it is mandatory to update and create new buildings.

Well you can buy gems with your real money. It is purely up to you to use it or not to get your coc base update.


Part 2:

Protecting your coc base


  1. Use best defense strategy for your clash of clans base

One of the best Clash of Clans Tips for Beginners is that defense is very important in coc game online. If your defense is weak then you will lose a lot of money, time and energy and lose trophies.

Best defense strategy for your clash of clans base


  1. Make a concise clash of clans the game base.

Concentrate your buildings, defense and town hall at one place so that your defenses can safeguard your important coc buildings with utmost care.

  1. Put builders hut clash of clans in the corners.

Putting clash of clans builders in corners can save you from opponents from completely destroying your town hall coc farm base. It restricts your coc enemy from getting 3 stars.

  1. Timely update coc defense strategy

Update your coc defence strategy by updating the cannons, towers, bases, barracks and other resources to get more and more from clash of the clans game.

  1. Use clash of clans traps

Clash of Clan traps are very important to defend your coc base from enemy attack. Buy it from coc shop house and upgrade clash of clans traps as you get your clash of the clans builder free.


 Part 3:

Opponents Attack Strategy COC


  1. Attack whenever you get chance

Attacking whenever your coc troops are ready is the best coc attack strategy. You must make great strategy to defeat your opponent.

  1. Check out Enemy base gold and elixir

Enemy base has important assets which you can loot. COC Gold and COC elixir are the things for which you fight and train your coc troops

Check out Enemy base gold and elixir
Check out Enemy base gold and elixir


3. Develop and Build COC laboratory

You can build Laboratory COC where you can upgrade your coc troops. They become more powerful and resistant to attacks.



 Part 4:

Join  a great Clan and Get extra loot and support


You should join a great clan and get help from other coc troops. You can also create your own clan with these good clan names for clash of clans. It is done after building your clan castle which requires 10000 coc gold.

  1. Join a good coc clan

You must look and research to join better clan. Don’t only go behind the fancy clash of clan clan names.

  1. Sharing and caring with clash of clans members

Joining a clan you will get opportunities to join clan wars and earn a lot of loot from the enemy.

  1. Improve your clash of clans war strategy

Clash of Clans war strategy can be highly improved after joining the clan. From your coc clan  you can get help in clan wars and develop new clan war strategies.

  1. Chat with your clan members

You can have your coc clan chat and make new clan war strategies. This helps clan members to coordinate with each other in a better way.

Chat with your clan members
Chat with your clan members


  1. Change your coc clan

If you are not comfortable with your current clan and unable to adjust with the clan members then you can leave and join another clan.

  1. Become COC Elder

Well if you are performing well in your clan then there are possibilities that you can be promoted to the position of clan elder coc. This gives you freedom to kick out non performing clash of clans members.

  1. Clash of Clans Global Chat

If clan wars doesn’t interests you and you are best at socialization. Then there is another great option of Clash of Clans Global Chat. Enjoy chatting with great coc elder and other clash of clans troops members. You can be banned from playing clash of clans online and from the clash of clans global chat if you use offensive language in the chat box.

I hope this Clash of Clans Tips for Beginners will help you to play clash of clans the game in an awesome ways.

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