Air Sweeper Keeps Any Air Troop Away from Attacking the Base

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The Clash of Clans Air Sweeper is an interesting shielding unit that does indeed not damage the assailant BUT what it truly does do is blow the attackers back several porcelain tiles. Air Sweepers can only defend in the way that it is put so be careful to aim the Sweeper in a direction that will have the greatest impact on the pathing of the air units. Sluggish moving air units such as Balloons are most likely to suffer from the effects of the Air Sweeper. In some cases when the adversary ignores the Air Sweeper and attacks it mind on, it can hold off the attack allowing the defenses in that area to inflict an additional four or five mere seconds of injury on the attacking troops which in many cases is all they have to drop those bothersome attackers from the skies.

Strategy to Place CoC Air Sweeper

Clash of Clans Air Sweeper Strategy
Clash of Clans Air Sweeper Strategy

A common strategy is to place mid-air Sweeper(s) nearby the core of the bottom and position the Sweeper so it blows immediately over Town Hall. Seeing as the flying units procedure Town Hall they get blown back over and over. This frequent disruption may actually save a star in many circumstances. TEND NOT TO underestimate the efficiency of this defensive tool just because it may not inflict direct harm!

Who Underestimate the Power of Air Sweeper CoC?

Air Sweeper CoC be the most underestimated and underutilized defense in all of Clash! Another INCREDIBLY useful way to use the Sweepers are in the defense from the dreaded Queen Walk. Produce sure the Air Sweeper beyond the Archer Queen’s range (7-8 tiles from the exterior walls) and face the Air Sweeper towards the location where assailants start their Queen Strolls from. (how did you know where they start from you could ask? Good Question! You WATCH REPLAYS on disorders done on your bottom! ) Of course the Sweeper will not result the Queen directly but it will blow the Healer off of her back over and over. This in blend with several Seeking Air Puits and an overload of defenses in this area may be enough to get rid of the Queen as well as, remove the attraction from using that one tactic there all collectively! What a win/ win if anyone asks me!

Research a bit While Placing Clash of Clans Air Sweeper

Clash of Clans Air Sweeper Placement

General the Air Sweeper is an outstanding tool if used properly but it will take some experience to understand where on your base they will be of the most use. Spend a bit of time and do the research required to use the Sweeper to it is fullest potential. If your questioning where you can place them on your particular foundation simply place them in the core of the base and point then towards the Air Defense. This will guarantee that at least the Air flow Defenses could possibly get the benefits associated with the Sweeper and they are a high goal defense to protect. Now there are a few don’ts and nevers too.

Air Sweeper Levels

Air Sweeper Levels
Air Sweeper Levels


May put the Air Sweeper outside the house of them and may place them on the first layer of defenses at the rear of the wall and point them out of the base.. thats limiting their possible range alot. In the event they are located everywhere near to the outer walls by reason of to a specialized bottom design then make certain to point them into the base to possibly wait the flying troops on the back end of the attack. Never place the Air Sweeper next to the Air Defense to where they are coming in contact with them, especially in a Clan War where your base can get studied before it’s attacked. If you place the Air Sweeper too near the Air flow Defenses the attacker will zap-quake the two Air Protection and air Sweeper with each other and you will loose them both at you time!

Separate two Air Sweepers and place them in opposite direction

Don’t place both Air defenses in the same proximity and point them both in the same direction either. A large number of players think they can influence attackers to strike from a specific way just by positioning both Air Sweeper close by and pointing the same direction. They are going to then capture the area where they think the attacker comes in from based on their Sweeper placement. Its possible but its more possible that you will do more harm than good. Attacks unfold in unforeseen ways so its better to provide an even payment of the defenses in case the attack terminates up somewhere that you do not have any coverage. In addition to the uneven placement flopping on you there is certainly another factor that is often overlooked (which ironically is what you want in a different way) By simply creating overpowering areas on your base, like duplicity on your Air Sweepers, you will raise mistrust from your attackers and the heightened suspicion will cause those to study your base for a long time, looking to reveal whatever trap you have in store for them. They may have a breakthrough moment during this time and concoct a miracle 3 star… so much thinking

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